Project REPLICATE is an innovative online telementoring style that provides physicians with expert coaching and case-based learning. The model’s purpose is to add to the knowledge of health care workers in remote areas and to showcase lifelong learning.

Using web-affiliated videoconferencing technology, ECHO links primary care medical professionals with pros who provide telementoring and guide these people in their remedying of complex circumstances. This helps to improve the standard of care for patients, and it also boosts access to niche care for non-urban populations.

Project ECHO can be an extension of the University of New Mexico Well-being Sciences Center’s Extension intended for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) model, which will works to boost the knowledge of rural wellness attention workers. Presently, there are a hundred seventy five hubs in the us, reaching thousands of communities in 46 says. In addition , INDICATE has also branched out internationally.

Originally developed to link the University of recent Mexico’s Hepatitis C specialist with primary care and attention physicians, the Project INDICATE model is actually being used in more than 70 specialties around the world. Participants be present at teleconference appointments hosted with a central “hub” team, where they present cases off their own practices, receive feedback from gurus, and talk about circumstances submitted simply by other participants.

ECHO instruction are used twice per month. They have a didactic presentation via a doctor, followed by a clinical circumstance discussion. Towards the end of the time, each individual is provided with a written suggestion designed for treating the situation.

To engage in an INDICATE session, you will have to have your personal computer with a webcam and a web connection. Registration is required, and it ends four days prior to the call.